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Windows 7 is end of life, so what are the facts and myths for computers still running on Windows 7


Windows 7 will no longer receive updates and patches. This means that vulnerabilities and exploits found in this older operating system will no longer be fixed by Microsoft. This means malevolent parties will be able to use these problems to infect your machine with viruses and malware, take control of it, execute code remotely through it and other attacks. These attacks put your data and privacy at risk, as well as possibly allowing your computer to be used for unwanted and unsolicited tasks.

Software manufacturers will discontinue support for Windows 7. Microsoft has already discontinued Security Essentials, the free antivirus for Windows 7. Other manufacturers will follow suit. We expect to see faster exodus from support for these unsupported versions of Windows as supported by the previous versions. Support for Windows XP was slow to end taking two years plus for most vendors, Vista was much faster. We expect many vendors will be less than a year for Windows 7.

My Windows 7 computers will become less usable. As vendors reduce support and components of Windows 7 become older everyday tasks will become more difficult or even impossible to do. Already many websites do not support Internet Explorer, this means you will have to adopt and learn third party applications in order to continue to use your computer, until they too are no longer supported.


My computer will stop working. Your computer will continue to work as long as you want to use it. Some software may need to be removed or replaced in order to maintain usability. For example Microsoft Security Essentials is no longer supported, so you will need to get new antivirus software, Internet Explorer already has limitations and you should add Firefox or Chrome already to have a good internet experience.

I have to buy a new computer. This may not be true read on to the next section to see some options.

What should I do now?

If you are still using Windows 7, we recommend moving away from that to protect yourself and your computer. Windows 10 is the current version of Windows software and we are currently on version 1909.

If you had previously upgraded to Windows 10 when it was free for the first year as we had recommended users to do, then you still have a valid digital license to use Windows 10 on that computer. We can reinstall your Windows 10 license for a reasonable fee.

Windows 10 runs as well or better than Windows 7 or 8.1 on the same hardware, so you could check into the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 on your older computer. We can inspect your PC and recommend on an upgrade path to best enjoy Windows 10.

If your computer will not run Windows 10, or you were thinking of upgrading, now is a great time to buy a new Windows 10 computer, which will be able to benefit from all of the features of Windows 10 and enjoy all the latest technologies and hardware. We can help you build the perfect Windows 10 system for all you want to do.

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Why buy from local businesses that are locally owned?

Local businesses with local owners are your neighbours.
We care more about your needs and concerns.
We are more easily available to service.
We offer a higher level of service and are more concerned with your satisfaction.
You support local economy and local infrastructure and your local community.

At Node-1 Computers we believe in helping the environment as much as possible.

To do our part we offer free electronics recycling drop off. We take any electronics, computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, TVs, DVDs, Blue Rays and so on. Unfortunately we cannot take small or large appliances.

If you drop off a computing device we will secure erase hard drives (make them unrecoverable) so that no one can get your data. We will reset phones and tablets etc to erase your data.

We endeavour to reuse as many parts as possible and deliver all remaining items to be responsibly recycled.

All of the above services are free community initiative services.

Call to ask about pick up for large quantities.