At Node-1 Computers we see things a little differently. Every Node-1 Computers system is custom tailored and built to your specifications and needs. We take special care in assuring products work together and that your new computer will fulfill your specified needs.

Building with only quality proven products and brands, we have nearly 20 years of history and experience. We have seen many fads come and go; but maintain a high requirement for component quality, dependability and after sales service. Using brands that test true to all these values, like Intel, Microsoft, Chenbro, In-Win, Asus, D-Link, Cisco, Linksys, Giga-Byte, Seagate, LG, Acer, APC, Logitech, Labtec to name a few. Our systems for home include freeware software like OpenOffice, Adobe Reader, Corel Snapfire and more; but never trial or limited use software.

We welcome any home user or business owner/operator to come in and find a right priced system with the right features to fulfill any needs; whether an internet user, cad designer or working with media like video and audio.

If you are looking for a new server we have the products and the specialists to do that for you from scratch, using industry standard solutions like Intel Xeon processors and Intel server boards, Seagate Enterprise drives in RAID configurations, APC battery backups, and Microsoft Server software products to name a few.


Some of our partners:


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Why buy from businesses that are locally owned?

Local businesses with local owners are your neighbours.
We care more about your needs and concerns.
We are more easily available to service.
We offer a higher level of service and are more concerned with your satisfaction.
You support local economy, infrastructure and most importantly your community.


At Node-1 Computers we believe in helping the environment as much as possible.

To do our part we offer free electronics recycling drop off as a community initiative service. We take any electronics, computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, TVs, DVDs, Blue Rays and so on. Unfortunately we cannot take small or large appliances.

If you drop off a computing device we will secure erase hard drives (make them unrecoverable) so that no one can get your data, nominal fees may apply. We will reset phones and tablets etc to erase your data.

We endeavour to reuse as many parts as possible and deliver all remaining items to be responsibly recycled.

The above services are available during our regular open hours.

Call to ask about pick up for large quantities.