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We welcome you to visit us at the new location at the Midtown Centre (Mall) Unit B6, beside Service Ontario and LA Nails.

Node-1 Computers is a one stop computing shop. We have and still do specialize in all the latest computing technologies. We sell custom made computers, laptops, tablets, and repair all the above as well and also repair any brand name computers. We also specialize in corporate solutions from servers, workstations, networking and more. We can build your networking solution including wireless and even websites.

Ever wonder what a NODE is or why we used that name? Click here (Hint look under computing.)

Service  Service Description N1 Price
Install Windows Wipe and re-install or factory recover Windows 10 with drivers only $75
Wipe and re-install or factory recover Windows 10 with drivers, updates and web software $85
Wipe and re-install or factory recover Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 with drivers and service packs only $105
Wipe and re-install or factory recover Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 with drivers, updates and web software $125
Software Install Install and configure a piece of software $25
Backup and Restore Backup up to 200GB and restore, backup media not included $50
Each additional 25GB $5
Create Data Disks Burn data to a DVD disk (you must have rights to the data) includes one DVD disk and labour $5
Virus Cleaning Clean up Viruses, malware, PUP on your system $70
Clean up system with Anti-virus software $130
System Clean Up Clean up and tune your system (not viruses) $60
Clean up and tune your system with Anti-virus software $120
Parts Install Install a component and associated software $25
Assemble a system (multiple components) $75
PC/Laptop Setup and Recovery Creation Do mini setup and create factory recovery (32GB USB key included)
Moving data from another system not included
PC/Laptop Setup Do mini setup, factory recovery not included $45
PC/Laptop Recovery Creation Create factory recovery (32GB USB key included), mini setup must already be completed $90
Hourly Service Rate Diagnostic fee (this fee is only charged for diagnostic when necessary repairs or services are not done) $35
Service cost per hour, applies to non flat fee services $75
Laptop/Tablet Repairs Diagnose and repair your laptop or tablet. Parts not included. $85
Pick up and Drop off As an alternative to in house service we will pick up and drop off your computer. Regular shop fees apply to all work completed at our shop in addition to this charge. $30
Service at your location Home or business we offer on site service at a reasonable hourly rate. $75

Taxes are not included in prices. All prices are based on service in our depot, on location service is subject to extra charge. Services and service descriptions are subject to change with warning or notification. Prices are subject to change without warning or notification. Extra fees may apply for special requests or under abnormal circumstances. We cannot work with any illegitimate software or make copies of copyrighted materials. The term unnecessary is defined by us and our usual practices.

Our History

Our history starts in 1989 when our local family began as a computer retailer then known as CCC Computer and operating from flea markets, mall kiosks and home. In January 1994 Tom opened our first retail location at 153 Simcoe St. S. and we changed our name Node-1 Computers. In 2002 the store was moved to 149 Simcoe St. S. In 2010 we moved again to 150 Simcoe St. S. Just shy of the 26th anniversary of our store opening we moved once again to the Midtown Centre on December 10, 2019. The company is still owned and operated by Ron and Richard now at 150 Simcoe St. S., Tom has since retired, we are brothers and still inhabitants of the local area. We have a vested stake in your satisfaction.

We service the local community (Oshawa, Durham Region and surrounding areas) both the home user and the small and medium business. We service a wide spectrum of customer types such as Lawyers, Dentists, Eye Doctors, Family Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Restaurants, Media Production, Architects, Manufacturers, Automotive, Investment Firms, Charitable Organizations of all types, even other computer service providers and many more. With excellent working knowledge of their common software and familiarity with their manufacturers.

We offer industry certified service (MCP, MCSE, A+, Network+), providing individuals and small businesses with corporate IT department knowledge and service. Our areas of expertise include Networking (both peer and Client/Server) all aspects including setup, wiring and maintenance, general PC, laptop, tablet repair and maintenance, software support, WiFi/hotspot installation and maintenance, IP based security solutions, PC sales and service to name a few.

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Why buy from local businesses that are locally owned?

Local businesses with local owners are your neighbours.
We care more about your needs and concerns.
We are more easily available to service.
We offer a higher level of service and are more concerned with your satisfaction.
You support local economy and local infrastructure and your local community.

At Node-1 Computers we believe in helping the environment as much as possible.

To do our part we offer free electronics recycling drop off as a community initiative service. We take any electronics, computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, TVs, DVDs, Blue Rays and so on. Unfortunately we cannot take small or large appliances.

If you drop off a computing device we will secure erase hard drives (make them unrecoverable) so that no one can get your data, nominal fees may apply. We will reset phones and tablets etc to erase your data.

We endeavour to reuse as many parts as possible and deliver all remaining items to be responsibly recycled.

The above services are available during our regular open hours.

Call to ask about pick up for large quantities.