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Have you considered the added value of offering a public access internet connection to your waiting area, or dining area or other public area. Are you concerned about cost, privacy, data security.

Don't be mislead into opening access to both the internet and the data on your local computers. Don't be fooled into expensive additional internet access costs. Let us show you how to piggyback public access internet on your current business internet access with peace of mind and protection for your local system. You can have public access on your private network while maintaining integrity and security on your network.

Increase your profits or soothe your restless patrons by offering internet access. Whether they hope to get a little work done or just want to be entertained, you will be ahead of the pack in customer satisfaction with public access WiFi.

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Why buy from local businesses that are locally owned?

Local businesses with local owners are your neighbours.
We care more about your needs and concerns.
We are more easily available to service.
We offer a higher level of service and are more concerned with your satisfaction.
You support local economy and local infrastructure and your local community.

At Node-1 Computers we believe in helping the environment as much as possible.

To do our part we offer free electronics recycling drop off as a community initiative service. We take any electronics, computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, TVs, DVDs, Blue Rays and so on. Unfortunately we cannot take small or large appliances.

If you drop off a computing device we will secure erase hard drives (make them unrecoverable) so that no one can get your data, nominal fees may apply. We will reset phones and tablets etc to erase your data.

We endeavour to reuse as many parts as possible and deliver all remaining items to be responsibly recycled.

The above services are available during our regular open hours.

Call to ask about pick up for large quantities.